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Since opening its doors in July 2012, Optika Optometrist aims to provide its clients a complete eye care service ranging from professional eye test to contact lens fitting and to complete solution in eyewear needs.

Here at Optika Optometrist, our optometrists are fully committed to your eye care and eyewear needs. We provide comprehensive eye test, speciality eye care services, and eyewear products in an atmosphere of uncompromised service, value and friendliness. We don't just provide regular glasses, speciality function glasses like sports goggles, prescription safety glasses and protective glasses are offered as well!

Over the years, we had grown from a husband and wife team of optometrists to currently 5 person team of optometrists, so that we can continue to provide you with a better service and experience in eye care. Our eyewear brand portfolio had expanded as well, offering a wide range of good quality and niche eyewear brands and products.

Optika Optometrist
Until today, Optika Optometrist is still proud to be one of the first few optometrists in Klang Valley that provides Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) therapy, which is currently the most effective method in controlling shortsightedness among children, and also a new way of having good vision without spectacles or LASIK surgery.

It is our mission is to provide a ‘clear’ quality of life for you, your family and our community in the many years to come. Remember at Optika Optometrist,

‘We don’t give you glasses, we give you vision.

Optika Optometrist