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ic! berlin is a German eyewear brand which produces high quality and handcrafted eyewear in Berlin, Germany. The company was founded in 1999 by Ralph Anderl.
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What is ic! berlin ?

Hand finished in Berlin piece by piece, ic! berlin produces their eyewear from a 0.5mm thin stainless steel sheet metal. And the best part of the eyewear has to be the patented hinge design which is uniquely by ic! berlin only. The hinge design successfully avoids the use of any screws, welds, or glue in the construction of their frames, and it allows the eyewear frame to be dismantled totally and being able to assemble it back again still. The combination of materials and unique techniques allows the frame to be light, flexible, and virtually unbreakable. So what you get is a pair of perfectly comfortable and durable eyewear frame!

Optika Optometrist

Now, what is so special about the patented hinge design?

Thanks to the hinge design, ic! berlin does not break. Even if you accidentally sit on them, step on them, drive over them, the worst that will happen is the temple pops off. No stress – in 2.4 seconds you can just clip back in like nothing ever happened.

Optika Optometrist
Optika Optometrist

Except the hinge design, ic! berlin is actually quite unique in the fashion point of view as well. ic! berlin has been collaborating with other designers and fashion labels such as [Kix], [Bathing Ape], [Luisa Hecking] and [Superfine]. New ideas and innovations are being put into ic! berlin eyewear very often, like the use of 3D print technology, frosted mirror lens technology, raw acetate designs and many more. Going against the grain of traditional eyewear fashion, ic! berlin glasses have built themselves up from a niche brand only available to the super-cool, to something accessible by everyone, including the super-cool.

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